Care Sheet

– 15-20 gallon aquarium
– decoration can be as simple or complex as you want them to be – NO GAPS in enclosure hognose are very good at escaping

– 75-80 in cool and and 90 in the warm end
– Heat with appropriate size heat lamp and/or heat table or tape attached to a thermostat to properly monitor temperature

– there should be a hide in both the warm and cool end of enclosure so the snake can thermoregulate and still feel secure
– recommend adding a bit of lightly dampened moss to hides to aid in time of shedding

– we use aspen chip, or shavings, but you can use coco coir for a more natural look – should be spot cleaned daily and bedding changed as needed

– fresh water should be provided daily as this snake like to push bedding and such into it

– captive hognose are mostly fed frozen thawed rodents of appropriate size
– recommend feeding babies once every 3-5 days and adults once a week
– if food item is not eaten after a few hours the uneaten rodent should be removed and disposed of

– this snake is very easy going when it comes to handling
–  lift snake from underneath and keep body supported with both hands (hognose don’t climb very often so they are not as comfortable dangling
–  do not handle snakes twenty four hours after being fed as this may cause regurgitation
–  let the snake move hand to hand

– very curious when you are active near enclosure
– active during day and they explore every inch of their enclosure – like to burrow but don’t hide a lot

Some Things You Should Know

  • Know your laws. We will not sell anywhere where it is illegal to own hognose

  • All snakes are shipped through reptile express, at buyers expense, following their schedule/weather

  • Snakes will not be put on hold without a 25% non-refundable deposit with remainder to be paid before snake is shipped/picked up

  • Snakes have all eaten 5 unscented meals consecutively

  • We guarantee sex and live arrival (reimbursement will be discussed on a case by case basis to be determined by us)