Q. How big do hognose get?
A. Females average around 30” males around 24”

Q. Do hognose bite?
A. Anything with a mouth can bite, but hognose are not likely to bite unless its a feeding response.

Q. Why is my hognose not eating?
A. This could be any number of things, but sometimes hognose can go of feed at times during breeding season. First thing to check is habitat setup, temperatures (warm and cool), room activity and hides. Each hognose has a different personality and once you have figured your snake out, the snake will eat. There are all kinds of techniques that can work such as warming the food item, braining, scenting, different food items, and as a LAST resort assist or force feeding.

Q. Why is my hognose hissing?
A. Due to the hognose small size they have a lot of predators in the wild and therefore have developed extensive defence mechanisms. If the snake feels threatened it will first make a hissing sound and flatten its neck out like a cobra. Next if that doesn’t deter the threat it will strike out but does not open its mouth. I still jump when mine do it. Finally if all else fails they will flip on their back, musk on themselves, open their mouths and play dead. Basically they are full of drama.

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Some Things You Should Know

  • Know your laws. We will not sell anywhere where it is illegal to own hognose

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